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Sports Taping And Posture Correction

Zinc oxide taping has been used for many years in correcting posture, stabalizing a weak joint and protection for and injured joint. It is strong enough to aid the healing process through the length of time it takes for muscle to repair and can be adjusted throughtout the process.

K taping is different in weight and use. It will be applied to aid in lymphatic drainage and lifts fascia away from damaged muscle, again speeds up recovery process.

Electrotherapy & Ultrasound

Electrotherapy ultrasound has been around for a while and aids the healing of tissue and bone through the use of sound waves. In short the frequency is high enough when applied to vibrate cell walls and therefore heat them up. This helps create an inflammatory state allowing faster healing.

It will be applied alongside most sportstherapy treatments not just a standalone  therapy.

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Sports & Remedial Massage

Massage for use in sport has been identified to speed up recovery times during competition season. It aids in clearing toxins, loosening tired, tight muscles rejuvenating cells with much needed fresh nutrients and oxygen. It reduces mental stress and increases flexibility in joint ranges, creating fluid pain free movement.

Manipulations and spinal  alignment, help realign joints and remove tight muscles that guard up against further injury. They creat a healing envvironment for the muscle groups and ensure even muscle firing patterns are achieved.

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Rehab Prehab & Youth Sports Development

In the athlete clinic  i  use  a functional movement screen to identify muscle weakness and non responsive muscle groups. This helps identify possible injury outcomes . A specific remedial programme can be written to correct. Ultimatley we want to achieve fluid  dynamic movement to increase performance and minimalise disruption to training.

How long will each session last?

Your unique comprehensive assessment and treatment will last 1hr. it is confidencial and clinic notes will be written as I assess you. Please wear comfortable clothing, joggers and a t shirt is fine.

An exercise programme may be written for you and you may have to enter the gym so trainers or soft shoes are ok but no sandals please.

Can I continue training or when can I go back to training?

This all depends on the extent of the injury and your type of activity. You will be given rehabilitation anyway which includes a programme that helps maintain your strength and heart rate at the stage you were injured at.

There are limitations! If you’ve broken your leg you cant go swimming! But we can do upper body work.

Will I see you again?

I always smile at this question. If I think you need to have your injury worked on to regain full functional fitness then the answer will be yes.

You may like the pre and post competition services that I offer and come back on a regular 1 /2 times a month for maintenance sports massages and advanced stretching.




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